Product Discussion

What Makes a Good Power Strip?

When it comes to power strip, sometimes it can be really annoying.

You must have encountered such inconvenience:

  • Bulky plugs blocking with each other
  • The plug of the power strip covers other outlets on the wall
  • Messy cords due to narrow outlets
  • Not portable enough for travel

Tessan design some great power strips to specifically troubleshoot the aforesaid issues, which have several outstanding features.

Four wide-spaced outlets save the bulky plugs from blocking with each other. Its angled flat plug can easily fit behind your furniture, keeping other outlets available to be plugged in. It can be mounted on the wall by 2 slots on its back. A built-in switch can be pressed to turn off it when not being used. Besides, its compact size makes it portable to carry around while travelling. This USB power strip can be used for cruise ship since it has no surge protection.

This power strip with surge protection has enough outlets for you to charge your devices. Plugs can be plugged separately on each side of the central column, which give plenty of space for those bulky plugs that would cover the next outlet on the old-style power strip. Having multiple USB connections makes it much more convenient and useful when charging. Putting it on the desk, you don’t have to bend down to turn off the power. It’s so handy to have all those outlets just right there wherever you need them.

This USB power strip is compact and packs a lot of power. The USB ports nicely charge your iPad, iPhone and apple watch. Therefore, you don’t have to look for your charger when you just have USB cable. Three plugs are very helpful. It’s just the right size for your night stand. Most importantly, it is not too bulky or heavy for travel. Great spacing for outlets also fit for your bulky plugs.

If you don’t like the square-shape or tower-shape design, this traditional rectangular power strip will be a good choice. 1 widely spaced outlet is separated with enough space to fit big plugs without blocking each other. If you get tired of the tangle of cords and chargers on the floor in your house, just try this power strip and attach it to the back of a table or anywhere you want. Besides, it’s really clean looking and portable for a power strip with USB ports.

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