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Type F Plug Travel Adapter

Type F Plug Travel Adapter is mostly used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain and other countries

Contents: 1. Brief introduction of Type F Plug 2. Type F travel adapters recommended from Tessan 3. Complete list of all countries

1. Brief introduction of Type F Plug

Known as CEE 7/4, Type F plug adapter was designed in Germany after WWI. It is similar to Type C Adapter, except for its round shape and the additional two earthing clips on the side of the plug. It can be used in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Spain (see all countries or regions on below list).

Type F adapter perfectly fits for type E and F sockets. In order to bridge the differences between E and F sockets, CEE 7/7, a hybrid E/F plug was developed. Such kind of plug adapter has grounding clips on both sides to pair with the type F socket and a female contact to accept the ground prong of the type E socket.

2. Type F travel adapters recommended from Tessan

If you are going to visit the aforesaid countries and regions, Tessan’s Type F Travel Adapter will be a perfect solution. It suits all types of USB charging device and can be used for your cruise ship since it has no surge protection. Have a good trip!

1 Outlets 2 USB Ports
2 Outlets & 2 USB Ports
2 Pack

3. Complete list of all countries

Use this check list to ensure the Type F Travel Adapter works for your devices and the country you are travelling to.

Country / RegionVoltage in Country / RegionFrequencyAdapter plug Type in Country / Region
Afghanistan220V50HzC, F
Albania230V50HzC, F
American Samoa120V60HzA, B, F, I
Armenia230V50HzC, F
Aruba127V60HzA, B, F
Austria230V50HzC, F
Azerbaijan220V50HzC, F
Belarus220V50HzC, F
Bhutan230V50HzC, D, F, G, M
Bosnia and Herzegovina230V50HzC, F
Bulgaria230V50HzC, F
CapeVerde220V50HzC, F
Chad220V50HzC, D, E, F
Croatia230V50HzC, F
Denmark230V50HzC, F, E, K
Egypt220V50HzC, F
Estonia230V50HzC, F
Ethiopia220V50HzC, E, F, L
Faroe Islands230V50HzC, F, E, K
Finland230V50HzC, F
Georgia220V50HzC, F
Germany230V50HzC, F
Greece230V50HzC, F
Greenland230V50HzC, F, E, K
Guinea220V50HzC, F, K
Hungary230V50HzC, F
Iceland230V50HzC, F
Indonesia220V 110V50HzC, F
Iran220V50HzC, F
Italy230V50HzC, F, L
Jordan230V50HzB, C, D, F, G, J
Kazakhstan220V50HzC, F
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of220V 110V50Hz, 60HzA, C, F
Korea, Republic of220V60HzC, F
Kyrgyzstan220V50HzC, F
Lao People’s Democratic Republic230V50HzA, B, C, E, F
Latvia230V50HzC, F
Liberia120V 220V50Hz, 60HzA, B, C, E, F
Libya127V 230V50HzC, D, F, L
Lithuania220V50HzC, F
Luxembourg230V50HzC, F
Macau220V50HzD, M, G, F
Macedonia230V50HzC, F
Moldova220V50HzC, F
Monaco230V50HzC, D, E, F
Montenegro230V50HzC, F
Mozambique220V50HzC, F, M
Myanmar230V50HzC, D, F, G
Netherlands230V50HzC, F
Netherlands Antilles127V 220V50HzA, B, C, F
New Caledonia220V50HzC, F
Niger220V50HzA, B, C, D, E, F
Norway230V50HzC, F
Portugal230V50HzC, F
Romania230V50HzC, F
Russia220V50HzC, F
Saint Martin120V 220V60HzC, F
San Marino230V50HzC, F, L
Sao Tome and Principe220V50HzC, F
Serbia230V50HzC, F
Slovenia230V50HzC, F
Spain230V50HzC, F
Suriname127V60HzC, F
Sweden230V50HzC, F
Tajikistan220V50HzC, F, I
Thailand220V50HzA, B, C, F
Timor-Leste220V50HzC, E, F, I
Turkey220V50HzC, F
Turkmenistan220V50HzB, C, F
Ukraine220V50HzC, F
Uruguay230V50HzC, F, I, L
Vietnam220V50HzA, C, F

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