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How to Choose the Right Power Strip

Every day we have several devices to be charged, which includes cell phones, iPad, laptops, etc. You may need to charge them in different spaces such as living room, bedroom or office. Therefore, the size and function of a power strip is of great importance. Here are some tips for you to choose a suitable power strip when speaking of what function do you need or where do you want to use it.

  • USB Power Strip

As you may have experienced, it is quite annoying to find a charger to plug in. An USB power strip will save you from such annoyance, making it more convenient when charging your devices. All you need are a power strip with USB ports and an USB cable. With the development of USB, nowadays the USB Power Strip has been designed into different types (e.g. type A/B/C).

  • Surge Protector Power Strip

As we all know, power strip allows multiple electrical devices to be powered from a single electrical socket. But surge protector, like a power strip with the function of surge protection, is an appliance or device designed to protect electric devices from unexpected voltage spikes. The power strip with surge protection will limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted harmful voltage. A surge protector power strip is essential for those who plan to use high-power devices.

  • Travel Power Strip

When it comes to travel power strip, one thing shall be valued most. That is, whether the power strip is portable. No one wants to carry a bulky power strip while travelling because it takes up a lot of space in suitcase. Besides, it should be cruise-approved as surge protector power strip are not allowed on a cruise ship. However, a portable travel power strip, which always appears to be a USB power strip, is not only used for travel but also perfect for some narrow spaces including nightstand, or somewhere behind/under a couch or desk.

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